Video & Marketing in 2012


Video is the fastest growing marketing medium, as no other medium has the ‘attention grabbing’ power as video does.  Today, video is not strictly limited to television commercials as video comes in a variety of forms and is accessible everywhere.  There are informational videos, television commercials, product demonstration videos, video spotlights, video newsletters, web advertising as video pre-roll or video banners, and social media integration just to name a few.  Incorporating video into your marketing is inexpensive, attractive and will soon become… expected.

Utilizing video specifically on your website can bring significant web search traffic results via back linking  — meaning the weight the major search engines place on top video hosting sites (YouTube, etc).  One of the best ways to get your website ranked higher in search engines is to have a professional back linking structure, in which your site is linked to by sites with a high quality index. Tags or keywords you associate with your videos (up to 20 keywords that your prospects are likely to search for) can serve to vastly improve your website Search Engine Optimization.  As video popularity increases, major search engines such as Google will place more weight or importance on video material – perhaps even more so than text.  Why is this?  A business with a good video marketing strategy provides timely, relevant content to their site on a regular basis.  As the search engines crawl your site and recognize new material, it indicates to them that your site has been recently updated.  A site that continuously has new material posted to its pages will significantly outperform those sites without — as by simply updating your site you drive your business organically up the search listings.

Today approximately 15% of websites consistently incorporate video – but that number is growing daily and annually.  There is a captive audience of 1 billion web video users. There is a demand for video content, and savvy Internet marketers will feed it.

Online video is instantly global, searchable, on demand and with viewing statistics that are easily measured. Whether you want fresh/current content for your website, you’re launching a brand or product, producing video news releases, or just showing different sides of your organization, you need to have a video presence in today’s digital world.

It takes visitors only 0.3 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave your website(compared to 4 seconds 4 years ago).  With the addition of video to a website, that initial time on site increases to anywhere from 15 seconds up to 1 minute — if the video content has their attention.  By combining moving images, text, music, and audio you will quickly communicate what people no longer have the time to read and what cannot be described with any single medium.

Mark Leishear