What we do.

Marketing - Advertising - Content Production
We can assist you in one or more of these areas:

Traditional Marketing

we know and understand buying & selling the Delmarva market like no other Media Agency

Buying/placing Television advertising - Broadcast & Cable.
Buying/placing Radio advertising - Broadcast.
Buying/placing Print advertising - Newspaper/Magazine
Buying/placing Billboards advertising - multiple Outdoor owners/vendors across Delmarva.
Public Relations
Written Content - brochure, whitepaper, ads, blogs
Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

we’re digitally savvy…

A traditional media background carries similar fundamentals into the digital world - but the digital world changes rapidly and there are many new, shiny objects to play with. Keep in mind : no-one opens up a computer, or mobile device and says “show me something” - there has to be intent. Traditional Marketing drives intent - digital media reinforces. You can utilize digital media in a variety of ways. Below is a list of some of the current things/essentials we are using:

Website - You need one & it needs to be responsive. How simple or complex should it be? We’ll discuss.
SEO Strategy, Search Marketing/PPC (Google/Bing/etc)
Display Advertising (Web Page & In App)
Remarketing (delivering your message back to visitors as they browse other sites)
Social Marketing, Digital Broadcasting (Facebook/Instagram/Linked In/Pandora ads, Spotify ads)
Reputation Management (Reviews)

CRM Management

Contact/Customer Relations Management (CRM) - we’re Infusionsoft (now Keap) advocates, but also Salesforce users. If you’re not using a CRM system in your business, you’re missing out - this software is invaluable.

A CRM system allows you to email your list of contacts whenever you want. Gather names from your website - create landing pages to capture information - deliver whitepapers and other forms of content - broadcast to your prospects. Using a CRM platform, we’ve solely marketed an Open House for a local/Delmarva client, building a structured Email Campaign dripped out to customers over a 4 week period; that Open House brought over 1000 people. We routinely utilize CRM systems for “if this/then that” type automation engagements. Marketing Automation is an investment, but if it’s right for your business - we’re advocates. Ask us about Infusionsoft and the campaigns we can create for you starting Day 1.

Content Production

Video & Audio Production
With a background in radio, and a career in television - ideas never cease on what we can create. We enjoy experimenting with new kinds of video and new styles of shooting. 5 second Pre-Roll, 10 second ID, 15 second bookend, 30 second commercial, 60 second commercial, 2 min content, long form content, half hour TV show, LIVE pieces, the list is endless. Video for your reception area, public image video, official video - audio for commercials, podcast, on hold messaging - it would be hard pressed to find something we have not created or recorded. With an extensive background here, we know how to tell a story. SugarFly shoots with some of the best photographers & videographers in the area. These relationships we have created through many years of working together. When clients require a certain look - we have a wide talent pool of which we can choose the right team member.

Elite Engagement

Culture: A good company, isn’t as good… as a great company. Great companies are built with vision. These companies have a “culture” that’s cult-ish. Culture is built around Mission, Purpose & Values. What are yours? Need help starting this journey - we can help. We’re Elite trained.


Life happens. Things happen throughout your day - every day, every week. There are stories that need to be told, who’s listening? A lot more than you think. Love or hate technology, technology has made it very easy to document and record your stories. Tiny cameras by themselves (like GoPro), but also built in smartphones, tablets, watches, drones and more.

Life happens in business just as it does for everyday life situations - new products are revealed, goals are achieved/celebrated, instructional “how-to” videos are created on the fly, TV commercials are born, and we make decisions to take photos at events.

From a Media Agency viewpoint - we advocate & encourage photos and videos of everything - when you can - meaning, we’ll work with your staff to make sure they know we like spontaneous content. If you/they catch something spectacular, we want to see it & share it. What stories are you telling? You’ve got a lot worth sharing.

SugarFly Studios:
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TV ads/Videos

Click the two videos below to watch some examples of television ads we’ve written and produced. More videos and examples of commercials can be viewed by visiting the SugarFly YouTube channel - Click Here to Visit.