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Running a video production company, I am always on the lookout for articles, tips, white papers, etc. to share with our clients on the importance and growth of video.  Put simply… video is where you should be investing marketing dollars.  A recent report from PG shows the world’s largest advertiser is trimming about 10 billion dollars off their advertising & marketing budget over the next 5 years as they invest more in “free social media”.  On the surface one might think… I should be devoting more time to these channels – it’s free, and you should be.  However you still need content to post to these channels.  In some cases you might write articles, other times invitations to events, brief posts, podcasts, audio soundbites and other times video content.  With no end in site to social media, smart business owners are earmarking more ad dollars specifically to account for social media content.  It’s topical, relevant, consistent… and it keeps you updating your website and your social channels.  This way, when your customers finally arrive at your sites/channels, they wont be greeted with content that hasn’t been updated since 2008.  Make a commitment to tell & share your story, then let professional companies (such as SugarFly Studios) assist you in helping make sure your content gets published on-time and in the right locations.

Here’s a recent article I came across that is worth storing in the SugarFly Studios – “Why Video?” archives.

Survey: Ad buyers looking to video to increase visibility

Billions of video clips are served to an always-hungry online population each month, bringing more advertisers to the content table with their original content, ads and sponsorships. But that interest in online video isn’t turning advertisers off from other ad formats or screens, finds a new report from and DigiDay; instead, it is helping them see video as a complimentary product.

by Kristina Knight

“Let’s all stop talking about online video replacing TV,” said Jason Shulman, Vice President of Sales, “These data are significant and support what our industry has felt for a long time: video is the ideal marriage between TV and online. With TV you have sight, sound and motion. It tells a story. It evokes emotion. Meanwhile, online is measurable, interactive and social. Digital video combines the best of TV and the best of online.”

Here are some top-line findings from the report:

• 56% of brand respondents view online video as complimentary to TV/Cable ad buys
• Most are looking to increase brand engagement
• Most consider social sharing of clips/content a top campaign ROI metric
• Respondents look for the best targeting options when placing video ad buys
• 75% of brand respondents utilize third-party data for targeting, 36% of publishers do so
• Most report net video CPMs have increased 19% Year over Year

Of those planning to shift more ad dollars into video, the bulk (43%) will take money from display ad budgets and move that to online video. Under 40% plan to take dollars from broadcast TV buys to increase online video spending. Print ad budgets are also likely to be cannibalized for video content. – Good points here.  In my marketing planning for companies I personally work with, print is by far the first item I am trimming – especially phone books.

Mark Leishear