Who Needs Video?

I wrote the below regarding the importance of video - some time back. Still relevant today.

Video is rapidly transforming the way we interact with everything — everything from the web, to your mobile devices, the tablets you own, TVs on your wall, and someday soon… in some other form of glass in your home. Video is everywhere today, and it’s used in a variety of convenient applications. Video viewership is growing at an astounding rate – and it’s predicted to grow even faster over the next few years. Small Business, Medium & Large Sized Businesses, Organizations, Corporations, Schools, Colleges, Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Doctors, State Programs, Restaurants, Hotels, Tourism, any business – SugarFly has worked with a wide variety of businesses to efficiently and professionally deliver their video messaging. Every business owner or marketing director – anyone who has had the assignment of organizing a video shoot or video project has had questions – fears – unpreparedness – but video holds great interest in it’s creation. This is because business owners and marketing directors and anyone who has had the pleasure of delivering a very well put together video project or commercial – web video – video newsletter – video demonstration – video tour – video anything… to an audience of cheers knows (and this may include increased sales) – that video is KING.

Video delivers sight, sound, motion, and emotion. It tells stories. What does your business need video for? How will you use it? There are a variety of applications. Start with the internet – the world wide web. Video production is a new category that businesses are incorporating into their marketing budgets. Much like the traditional advertising world, where business compete for “share of voice,” the internet is growing as a medium that allows people and businesses – anywhere – to compete as well. Only for search relevance. Everyone wants to be found first, and over the next competing business. It’s true, business is a competitive world.

It’s a war of websites. How many does one business have over the other, how well are the sites maintained, how regularly are they updated, how many views, etc. The more often this information is updated, the higher that business is rewarded in search. The double bonus – is that because video is such a growing category – business owners, marketing directors – anyone can directly deliver their message to a target audience. Video ad placement, banner links that click through to YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Linked In accounts, QR Codes, web anything… with the rise of mobile devices, connectivity… the internet, the deliverance of messaging to a customer is best used through video. Video is important. Along with your videos, organic search terms, and natural keywords are a great way to help improve your rankings. Knowing this information is essential, but ultimately people have questions. We have answers.

  • How often should I be shooting and posting video?

  • Who writes the scripts, organizes the shoot, what about talent – actors – voice overs – music beds, what is the finished product, in what file type, how do I post, is it sticky?

Have a question about production services, digital marketing services, traditional marketing services? Have a question about how and where to best place your video messaging? A question about – “how to create a television commercial?” Any question regarding video – how to use it, create it, deliver it. Leave a post. Send an email.

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Mark Leishear